Baby and Toddler Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Baby and Toddler Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Whether you’re shopping for your own child, a niece or nephew, grandchild – we’ve compiled a comprehensive and straightforward list of the best baby and toddler gifts in 2020.

Baby (0-12M)
Anything with an * is great for toddlers too!

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center*
Turns into an art / craft table for older kids as well

Follow Me Bee Learning to Crawl Toy

Collapsable Tunnel*
Great for small spaces / apartments / condos

My First Blocks / Shapes

Wooden Rainbow Stacker*
An excellence gift. My son received this at one year old and still plays with it almost daily (going on 2.5)

COO BABY Pajamas*
Super soft bamboo fabric, reversible zipper, temperature regulating – you and your baby will love these

Wooden Puzzles 

Rainbow Spin Stacking Toy*
Similarly to the rainbow toy, my son got this at 12 months and still plays with it today


Toddlers (12+ months)

Pottery Barn Carolina Craft Table 
This was a gift for my son last year at Christmas and though it is on the pricier side, the quality is worth it, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and very functional with the drawers / paper holder. My son uses it daily with our nanny to color, do “worksheets”, puzzles, etc. Matching chairs are here.

Large Tunnel Playground

Kids Rollercoaster
Can use inside or outside

Wooden Playhouse
We’re thinking about getting this one for our son for Christmas this year. It’s half the price it usually is and I’ve heard great things!

Pottery Barn Play Kitchen 
I recently asked our Instagram family to weigh in on their favorite Play Kitchen sets and recommendations. This one came up several times. The ongoing theme was that yes, it is more expensive than what you can find on Amazon but many moms said they’ve had it for 5+ years + a few kids and it’s still in excellent condition.

Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen
This one also came recommended when I asked on Instagram. Keep in mind, these things do take sometimes hours to put together. 

Cardboard Playhouse
If you’re looking for an alternative to a more permanent / expensive playhouse or kitchen – this cardboard playhouse is where it’s at. We bought one for Shep back in early August and he is still constantly playing in it, coloring all over it, and enjoying it. I think it was like $25 at the time – and it’s one of his favorite “toys.” 

Great gift idea for toddlers of any age / gender

Any sort of costume or trunk of costumes

Gymnastics Equipment
Tumbling Mat
Balance Beam
My four year old niece is obsessed with Simone Biles, so I got her a balance beam and leotard last year and she still pulls them both out every time I come over. That’s how you know you got a good gift 🙂 I also found a tumbling mat in case your little one is obsessed with flipping around and doing partial hand and headstands like mine 😉

Water Wow Books
Always a great idea for gifts

Train Table
Gone are the days when we could go to the library and play with the public train table. We invested in one earlier this year and have no regrets! Sometimes you can find them on FB Marketplace for cheap too – worth searching!




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