welcome, mama!


Hi – I’m Kaci and this is my family 🙂 After launching premium children’s sleepwear company COO BABY in 2019, I knew that I wanted a better way to connect with and support my customers – which were mostly new mamas. Being a new mom myself, I knew that being able to talk about motherhood honestly and reading others’ experiences on the internet was both helpful and very much needed in my early days of becoming a mom (and still is)! With that in mind, I started asking for and compiling written stories from mamas within our COO BABY community and sharing them on our blog. These pieces, written by everyday moms, quickly took off and started gaining thousands of readers per month. Whether it was about potty training, delivering during a pandemic, postpartum anxiety and depression, breastfeeding, or just baby essentials – readers responded and the message was clear – this was IMPORTANT. It was then that I knew that creating and cultivating a place where we can all share and read stories from everyday moms is helpful, inspiring, and necessary.

meet kaci

My husband and I live in Iowa and have a four year old son, Shepard, and a one and a half year old daughter, Scottie. In addition to owning and operating COO BABY and Motherhood for Me, we work full time jobs in recruitment advertising and software sales, which is how we met 11 years ago!

The transition into motherhood did not instantly click into place for me after my son was born. I loved him unconditionally and completely, but I also felt like I was doing everything wrong and often felt like a failure when I’d see other moms who seemed to have it all together. What I learned is that we all have different journeys and paths on this wild ride called motherhood, but it’s not easy for any of us. After struggling with postpartum anxiety for the first two years, I felt a strong calling to create a better support platform for new moms out there, which is how Motherhood for Me was born. It is my hope that you can find relief, support, and camaraderie throughout the stories shared and amongst the other mamas here – I sure have.

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