Postpartum Essentials for a C-Section Delivery

Postpartum Essentials and What to Prepare for a C-Section Delivery
Written by Emily Kuster

My list of c-section essential items is pretty minimalistic.  From the time I found out my baby was breech to the time she was born was less than 12 hours.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and quick shipping because I did not have time to adequately prepare for c-section recovery or purchase the necessary items in advance. After having experienced a vaginal delivery with my first and a c-section with my second, many of the clothing items you’ll need (as well as nursing/pumping supplies) are similar to Kaci’s list shared here. A lot of the items listed below are also not necessarily c-section specific and could be used in a vaginal delivery recovery as well, so I hope this is helpful either way!

High Waisted Undies – No, these are not flattering or sexy at all, but they held things in and were comfortable, and that is all I wanted.

Iron Supplement– Giving birth results in a significant amount of blood loss no matter the delivery method.  Take the iron supplement in the hospital. Prenatal vitamins also contain iron if you choose to continue those after delivery.

Meds – Stay on top of your pain meds prescribed by your doctor.  Take a stool softener even after you think you don’t need them anymore.  It helps!

Expecting & Empowered  – Pregnancy and postpartum guides written by a physical therapist and nurse/physical trainer. The two women cover everything from pregnancy exercise guides and c-section preparation and recovery to restoring your core and pelvic floor after delivery.  A friend of mine kindly passed along their postpartum guide and it’s full of great information and tips on mobility after a c-section, scar tissue, and diastasis recti safe exercises.

TJ’s vitamin E oil – When I was pregnant with my first (who is now 3), my sister sent me this vitamin e oil. I used the oil during pregnancy to help with itchy, dry skin and prevent stretch marks.  Once my c-section incision healed, I began using this oil in hopes of reducing the appearance of the scar. Who knows if it’s actually working, but it makes me feel better.

Belt / Wrap for Stomach Support – My sister in law is the COO at BraceAbility in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She is an expert when it comes to wraps and sent two for me to try out. I ended up loving this one and still (almost 4 months postpartum) wear it at night.  This wrap helped with my posture and gave me some core stability in the early days.

Slippers – I love these warm, cozy slippers with hard soles.  I take after my grandmother and my feet hurt after being on them all day.

Feminine Pads – I used these pads once I got home from the hospital.  Much more comfortable than the thick, traditional pads.

At home tips after a c-section:  

  • If you live in a two story house, have a diaper changing station on each floor.  It helps to change baby on a bed, ottoman, or something similar.  Anything to keep you from being on the floor.

  • If you have other children at home, especially younger children, try to find someone who can help you at home for the first week.  It also helps to have activities prepped and things they can do independently.  Make sure that tablet is charged!

  • Try your best to not do too much. Rest, ask for help, order takeout, sleep when you can.

A couple of additional items for c-section recovery that were sent in from our Instagram fam:

  • ScarAway Silicone Sheets for your scar / post-stitches
  • Cough drops – it hurts your incision to cough
  • Lots of messages about high waisted underwear 🙂

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