Newborn Baby Products We Use Daily

Below I’ve rounded up all of the essential newborn baby products that we use with Scottie on a daily basis. Some of these we also used with Shepard, others are brand new (to us) that seem to be making life easier! Let me know if there are any products you love that you’d add to this list in the comments below! PS: As an affiliate partner for some of these brands, we may earn a very small commission if you choose to purchase through the links.


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owlet monitor
Owlet Baby Monitor
We bought and used this with Shep and pulled it back out with Scottie. We just had to update the app and it was good to go. It gave me such peace of mind when I was struggling with PPA with my first - it was about the only thing that helped me sleep back then. With Scottie, we actually had an incident where her oxygen levels dipped pretty low a few weeks ago and we wouldn't have known had it not been for the Owlet sending off alarm bells. I'm not quite ready to talk about that story yet - but I don't know (and don't want to know) what would've happened if we hadn't had it on her.
snuggle me. lounger
Snuggle Me Organic Lounger
So we did not have this when Shep was a baby, but I'm pretty reliant on it with Scottie now. It's one of those things you don't really think you need until you have it and it's just so easy to set the baby in it when you need free hands. It's lightweight, pretty to look at, and comfortable for her. I hated spending the $99 or whatever it was for a pillow, but in my opinion it was well worth it and we've gotten a lot of use out of it.
haaka breast pump
Haaka Breast Pump
This is another one of those things I didn't have with Shep and was/is an absolute life saver. I didn't have to pump for several weeks because of this thing. It's so easy to use and I created a pretty good stash just from using this right when my milk was coming in. Instead of having to use an electric pump, you just suction this on the opposite breast that you're nursing on and it allows your milk to let down and be captured with no work on your end. I would catch anywhere from 3-4 oz per breast in the early weeks from this alone - which was amazing not having to pull out the full electric pump. So easy to wash too. It's $12 - every nursing parent should have one!
elvie pump
Elvie Breast Pump
Alright- now that we're talking pumps, I went with the Elvie this time. The last time, I had a standard Medela that my insurance covered, and I always said if I nursed for over X amount of time, I'd invest in a hands free pump - but I never did. I sucked it up and used the pump that I hated. I hated the sound, the cords, the batteries, the parts - ugh pumping is the worst haha. I decided to go for the Elvie after one of my best friends raved about it - and I'm really glad I did. It's virtually silent (so I don't sound like I'm being milked like a cow) and it's hands free, cord free, and easy to clean. For me, using something like this makes it more "enjoyable" to pump and I don't dread it as much - which counts for a lot! Will be 100% worth it once I start back to work and I'm having to pump while on calls, too! :)
hm baby
H&M Baby Clothing
I am behind on this one, but I did not know H&M had such cute and comfortable baby clothing. I am obsessed. They have really cute patterned and solid long sleeve onesie tops (like the picture here) and mix and match leggings that go with the tops - omg so cute. Stretchy, comfortable, cute, easy to wash - they're my go to day time outfits for Miss Scottie.
bombas baby socks
Bombas Baby Socks
I know this seems a little ridiculous but my mom bought these Bombas socks for Scottie for Christmas and I love them. They are the only socks that actually stay on her feet. Before these, I had little baby socks literally all over my house - in my couch cushions, on the stairs, on the floor in the kitchen - they were everywhere because they always fell off! If you're looking for cute, comfortable socks that stay on- these are your new best friend.
portable baby bouncer
Portable Baby Bouncer
I bought this because I was searching for the Baby Bjorn Bouncer version of this - but once I found it, I realized that it was $200. This was less than half that, folds up flat, is aesthetically pleasing, and had great reviews so I went for it. I have been so happy with it! If she's not being held or laying in her Snuggle Me, I have her in this. It's also pretty light weight, so easy to move around our house and from room to room. If you're looking for a less expensive version of the Baby Bjorn, this is the bouncer for you!
boba wrap carrier baby
Boba Baby Wrap Carrier
I've had this since Shep and both my husband and I wear her in this - which is great. It's long enough and gender neutral enough that my husband actually likes wearing it! She gets so snuggly in there and it is a Godsend during the witching hour every night! We had to watch the YouTube tutorials a few times when we were learning how to put it on, but once you figure it out, it's really easy!
dr brown bottles
Doctor Brown's Bottles
Alright so with these bottles - I used them with Shep but then bought a different brand for #2, which was a shorter bottle that was more "breast like" for Scottie. I'm not sure why - I was always happy with them, but I wanted to try something new. Well - we give her a bottle at night time and it was taking literally an hour and a half for her to drink from the other bottle. She also was a little reflux prone / would wake up from spitting up if we even thought about putting her down for bed before an hour of her sitting upright had passed. Bedtime was taking FOREVER. My mom asked why I wasn't using the Dr. Brown's bottles - and I thought "Oh yeah, I don't know why!" So I switched her to these to see if it would make a difference. Her feeding time has cut in half and she is able to burp/go down without spitting up. Hallelujah!
coo baby zip up pajamas
COO BABY Pajamas
I know that I'm biased because I founded this company COO BABY - but I started it because I was frustrated with the other baby pajamas out there. I wanted something that was made from bamboo because it's temperature regulating (good for both warm and cold environments). I also wasn't able to find many bamboo pajamas that had the two way zipper (for easier diaper changes) as well as hand mittens, feet grippers, and solid colors. There was nothing that checked all my boxes, so I created this onesie. It's my hope that other parents love it too. If you do buy one, please let me know what you think! xoxo
honest baby diapers
Honest Diapers
We've tried other diaper brands with both kids and they always pee right through them or get diaper rashes. They are very good quality, there's rarely a diaper rash, and the patterns are adorable!
newton crib mattress
Newton Crib Mattress
Love love love this thing. I am a huge fan of this brand and mattress and would buy this thing 10x over if I had to. This was another product that helped put my mind at ease with the PPA. It's breathable, washable, and is nice and firm for a safe sleep environment. I used it with Shep and it moved right into Scottie's room when he transitioned to a big boy bed. It looks brand new and it's been used nightly for close to 3 years / 2 kids. Highly recommend.
uppababy vista and carseat
UppaBaby Vista Stroller and Bassinet
This is my stroller and infant car seat brand of choice, but I am listing it on this round up for the bassinet it comes with. We used this bassinet as their nighttime bassinet when they were both newborns. I know it's expensive, but being able to roll it right up to the side of our bed, have her sleep in the bassinet, AND use it as a stroller for the newborn stage, baby stage, and toddler stage, we've definitely gotten our money's worth. It was nice not having to buy a separate bassinet for either kid.
puj baby bath
Puj Baby Bath
I love this thing. I received it as a baby shower gift with Shep and we've used with both kids. It's perfect for newborns and they will grow out of it after a few months. It's small, lightweight, easy to travel with, store, and fits perfectly into our bathroom sink. Great baby shower gift idea.
Farm Play Mat
Farm Play Mat
This is pretty straightforward - it's a baby play mat. I have it on here because we use it daily with Scottie and did the same with Shep. It's quality has held up and still looks pretty new after 3 years and being in storage between kids. The mat is nice and soft. The colors are bright but also pretty and not too loud. The rings with the animal toys come off too - so you can hook onto their car seat or other areas of the house if you want to as well. It's a great product.
baby bottle drying rack
Baby Bottle Drying Rack
We all need a drying rack! We have this one and it's lasted through both kids so far. It doesn't look like an eyesore on our counter. It's easy to store away if needed. Just remember to wash it at a normal cadence or it gets gross in the bottom :)
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