Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me? Or Maybe They Did – Written by Sarah Mowery

Why didn’t anybody tell me how hard the first few weeks of motherhood would be? Why didn’t they tell me I would be so overwhelmed with emotion that I would cry for apparently no reason? Why didn’t they tell me I would resent my new schedule of feeding the baby all day, every day? And why didn’t they tell me I would miss my old life, but feel guilty about it?

Or maybe they did.

Maybe they told me it would be hard. Maybe they told me it would be overwhelming. Maybe they told me I would struggle with comparing my journey to others. But how could I really comprehend it? How can you truly understand what it’s like to become a mom?

The truth is, you can’t. Becoming a first time mom IS hard.  Some people will tell you that – and more people should – but nothing can really prepare you. However, they also don’t tell you how much you will love that little one, despite the hard. They don’t tell you about the incredible bond you feel with your husband or loved ones as they support you through pregnancy and coach you through labor. They don’t tell you that even when you are sleep deprived, you find joy in each day as your baby cuddles on your chest. They don’t tell you postpartum recovery is hard, but it’s totally worth it. They don’t tell you how the hard moments are so fleeting, and then you look back and miss the newborn cuddles. And they don’t tell you how wonderful it is to become a mom.

Or maybe they do.

No matter what they tell you, or what you read, you won’t truly know until you experience it for yourself. So here’s what I want to tell YOU, mama. Do your research. Prepare in the way that makes you feel best. And listen to the advice and encouragement. Talk to your mama friends, ask them about their experience, and then take each story with a grain of salt.

Because no matter what they say, you will never fully understand until you experience it. And that’s okay. Take each moment and cherish it along with all the emotions you feel. You don’t know how hard it will be, but you also don’t know how wonderful it will be. It’s okay to say it’s hard. It’s okay to say it’s not what you thought it would be. It’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to love every moment at the same time. Every child blesses your life, but your first child changes your life. Give yourself grace in this life-changing time and don’t compare your journey to others. Soak everything in and experience each moment for what it truly is – yours.


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