Lindsay Gerber

Lindsay is a mama of four to Eli, Micah, Julia, and Della. She and her husband, Ted, live with their family in Johnston, IA. Ten years ago, Lindsay decided to leave her fundraising job to stay at home with her children. Besides being a mom, Lindsay teaches piano lessons, is a full time chauffeur for her kiddos, and a cheerleader on every sideline. Something Lindsay feels very strongly about is encouraging parents with young kids, and insisting humor is a part of it all. Being able to write about parenting gives her not only a creative outlet, but also a voice that can relate to others in the same phase of life. The underlying themes she hopes to represent in her blog posts are authenticity and grace. In a social media world, parenting can feel defeating as we tend to compare. Lindsay wants to make sure every parent knows they aren’t in this journey alone. It’s brings her joy, and she hopes it does the same for you too.

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